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No. 1 "Mistake" People Make With Plant-Based Diets

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There’s a common misconception about eating a plant-based diet. It’s that all you have to do is cut out all animal-based products.

Someone I know has been a vegan for years.

A while ago, I was complimenting him on his commitment to it … and he pointed out to me that some days, his diet isn’t anything to brag about.

“You can eat Fritos and drink soda and still be on the vegan bandwagon!” he said.

And he is so right.

No matter what diet or food philosophy you follow, it still boils down to making healthy whole-food choices.

That’s why the modern plant-based trend is usually called a “plant-based, whole-foods diet.”

It eliminates processed foods stripped of their nutrients … and focuses on foods packed with health-promoting compounds (vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats, etc.).

It boils down to not just focusing on what you’re NOT eating (like animal products)… but giving MOST of the focus to the quality of the foods you ARE eating.

Just something to think about!

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