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What If You Tried This?

What if you woke up tomorrow and decided to give the day your VERY BEST?


And by that I mean, you intentionally decide to give everything you do 100% of your attention, focus, and effort.


And then you BRING IT.


This isn’t something you can do EVERY day — because you’d burn out — but once in a while? It’s AMAZING.


Here’s why:

●      It helps you see what 100% of your effort looks and feels like

●      It helps you pinpoint your priorities and what truly needs your full attention vs. what doesn’t

●      It keeps you focused and in the moment

●      It helps you push the needle forward on what you’re capable of — no slacking allowed


And it doesn’t have to be for an entire day!


Even spending just an hour or two in “100%” mode a few times a week can yield HUGE results.


It can also help you level up because you’ll be able to easily recognize when you’re not operating at your absolute best.


Another thing I love: you get to decide what your 100% looks like.

Example: For a workout, it's not about max weights, but great form and giving it your best effort.

Your challenge: Pick an hour or two this week to bring your “100%” best!


Are you in? Comment "100" to let us know!

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