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Take Charge Of Your Time - Workshop

In January we learned how to Take Control of 2019 by using specific goal-setting techniques. Now as we approach the second half of the year we want to make sure you are equipped with the tools needed to manage your financial, mental, and physical health better by putting systems into place that utilize your time more efficiently, creating more of it and less stress.

This workshop is female focused and geared towards the business professional woman. We hope you'll join us for a morning of learning, networking, and mimosas!!!

Meet Our Specialists:

- Anna Kareis, Financial Representative: The average American spends 2.6 hours per week working on their finances, and even more time is spent thinking about them. In this session you’ll learn tools and strategies to take control of your debt and by extension: your time.

- Priscilla Rodriguez, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist: Feeling overwhelmed, lost, and rushed can definitely make you feel stressed and as if you are always racing the clock to get everything done! In this workshop, learn how to manage your stress, how to set boundaries, and how to practically implement stress management techniques that are quick, easy and will help you feel in control.

- Tiffany Edwards, Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist: One of the most common obstacles standing in people's way of exercising and good nutrition is time. Luckily neither of these have to monopolize all of your free time or take the place of things you enjoy. In this workshop you will learn how to squeeze it all in while still being able to reap the benefits.

Workshop Format: You will have the opportunity to learn and develop great tools for taking control of your time during our mini-sessions. Afterward, we will gather in a large group and open the floor to any questions you may have for the specialists.


Cost - $35

Purchase Here -

**Light refreshments will be provided.

**Seating is limited.

**We do not promote drinking and driving. Please drink responsibly and arrange for sober transportation if needed.

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