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How Much Can You Accomplish In 8 Weeks?

Fit girl holding water bottle.

There are only 8 weeks left in 2022 …

Which means now is the best time to make big things happen!

Instead of waiting until 2023 starts, I’m inviting you to get a headstart on your goals NOW.

And that leads me to a fun little assignment for you…

Right now, come up with a list of 2-3 actions you are going to commit to between now and the new year that will move you closer to your goals.

And then … schedule out THOSE ACTIONS so they become non-negotiable over the next 8 weeks!

What do YOU need the most right now?

Maybe it’s:

● Working out 3x a week

● Meal prepping on Sundays or Wednesdays

● Kicking your nighttime snack habit

● Meditating for 5 minutes a day

● Cutting back your caffeine intake to 1 cup a day

We’re on the home stretch …. it’s time to FINISH STRONG!

Are you with me?

Hit “reply” on this email and let me know what you’re committing to doing!

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