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How Mindful Meditation Boosts Wellness

I have a riddle for you …

What’s an activity that:

● between 200-500 million people across the world engage in,

● has tripled in popularity over the past decade, and

● is believed to improve your wellness, focus, energy, and mood?

Plus, studies show it can help alleviate back pain … improve enzymes in your brain to help fight Alzheimer’s … and even make your sex life better.

Some athletes use it to improve their performance.

It can also be perfect for helping you to cope with that extra stress that pops up during the holiday season, which will soon be in full swing.

If you guessed meditation … you’re right!

Meditation is a GREAT tool to help you become more mindful – which we’re focusing on a lot this month.

That’s because when you’re MINDFUL it basically means you are PRESENT and AWARE – which plays a huge role in your results, motivation, and even your workouts.

Having a meditation practice is a lot more mainstream today than it was 10 years ago.

In fact, almost as many people in the US meditate as do yoga (a little over 14% each).

Researchers are still investigating exactly HOW it works, but we do know that besides slowing down brain waves …

meditation helps you grow more gray matter in your hippocampus (which is linked with improving your mood & focus and slowing down age-related decline in cognitive functioning).

It’s definitely worth considering adding meditation to your wellness toolkit!

It’s easy to get started – just sit quietly in a comfy chair for a few minutes with your eyes closed, focusing on your breath and feeling your belly and chest rise and fall as you inhale and exhale. That’s it.

Try doing that for a few days, gradually increasing your time as it feels right.

Or you can use an app – there are dozens out there! (10 Percent Happier, Insight Timer (free!), Calm, and Headspace.)

At T.C. Fitness, we believe that you have the power to take charge of your health and that starts with mindfulness.

Live today with intention!


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