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Healthy Holiday Swaps

Family walk. Walk in park.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and loved ones.

We appreciate you and having you as a part of our amazing community!

As the holidays are now in full swing, in order to help you celebrate but STILL stay on track with your goals …

I’ve got a quick list of healthy swaps – and my #1 swap might even come in handy today!

This is the time of year we tend to eat more than usual … and the foods we eat also tend to be richer and more calorie dense than normal, too.

Talk about a double whammy for your energy, digestion system, and (yes I am going to say it) your waistline!

By all means, enjoy your “worth it” favorites this year … but you can offset those with a few healthy swaps for foods you won’t even think about tomorrow.

7 Healthy Swaps This Holiday Season

● Fresh steamed green beans instead of green bean casserole

● Mashed cauliflower, squash, or sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes

● Baked cinnamon apples topped with coconut cream instead of apple pie

● Hummus instead of a cheese ball

● Creamy nut or oat milk in your eggnog instead of cream

● Zucchini noodles in your soup or stew instead of conventional pasta or potatoes

● Medjool dates or fruit instead of holiday candy or cookies (portion sizes still matter!)

…. And my FAVORITE swap?

Go for a walk instead of crashing on the couch after you eat.

Going for a light walk (even a short one) after you eat will help reduce blood sugar and insulin levels…

And it may also help with digestion.

I hope these swaps help you feel and move better this holiday season.

It’s the little things we do every day that add up to BIG results!


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