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Detoxify Your Liver

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season settles down, you might find yourself feeling sluggish and bloated.  With all of the extra alcohol, sweets, and fatty foods consumed over the past 6 weeks, this is not surprising. What better time to start detoxing the body than the start of the new year. We're not talking about heading to the store to buy teas and pills or giving up solid foods for a few days; lucky for us our body already has what it needs to detoxify itself.

This month we challenge you to give up alcohol or sweets (added sugars) all month long. Our liver has been working overtime since the end of November, and it could really use a break. By reducing the extra toxins we put in our body, our liver has the chance to focus on metabolizing our foods and absorbing nutrients from them. 

In as little as 31 days without alcohol and/or sweets, you will feel re-energized, less bloated, sleep better, and experience less pain. Are you ready? Head over to Facebook and challenge your friends to join in with you. Use #TCFitness31DayChallenge so we can follow along on your journey!

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