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Can you pass this weird mobility test?

Are you up for a test of your body’s mobility today?

It’ll take less than 2 mins ... and it’ll give you some good intel on how your body is doing mobility-wise.

This is important because having a mobile body is a KEY part of being healthy and fit.

When you have a mobile, flexible body it means you have less pain … can move better … are more active … and you’re less likely to get injured.

I love this particular test because it targets all the trouble spots caused by sitting for hours at work or spending a lot of time on our phones/laptops/tablets.

Plus, it’s simple to do and only takes a couple of minutes.

All you need is a doorway and a stick – like a dowel or broomstick – that’s about a yard (meter) long.

Two-Minute (or less) Mobility Test

● Find a doorway and sit cross-legged on the floor in the middle of it, facing the door jamb, one foot on either side of the jamb.

● Your back should be straight although you can lean forward slightly, in a natural sitting position.

● Grab the dowel and hold it against your collarbone so both sides stick out evenly from your shoulders. Your arms should be crossed in front of you, holding the dowel, with your forearms against your chest.

● Keeping your back straight, rotate to each side, trying to touch the doorframe with the rod – work hard to keep your body aligned so that the dowel remains level at all times. Also, be sure to breathe!

● You can see a demonstration here:


● If you can touch the wall on both sides with your stick, congrats! You have good trunk/thoracic mobility. Keep doing what you’re doing.

● If you can’t touch the wall – or if it feels challenging – it’s time to add some mobility training to your routine.

Your body will definitely thank you for it. A body that moves better just plain feels better!

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