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Build A Habit of Resiliency

We’ve been talking a lot about resilience and taking personal responsibility for our health and fitness this month.

Today, we’re going to get REAL on the mindset, habits, and actions you can take to become more resilient.

One thing I love about these habits is that they just plain FEEL good — and when you stack them together, you feel unstoppable.

8 Real-Life Habits to Become More Resilient

  1. Practice mindfulness. Examples: meditation and deep breathing. Start with just 1-2 minutes and build up to 10 once or twice a day.

  2. Create “down” time. Examples: make time for activities that help you relax, like hobbies, reading, playing music, etc.

  3. Get fitter. Regular exercise lowers stress, boosts your mood, and raises your self-esteem.

  4. Eat a nutritious diet. Feed your body what it needs: whole, nutrient-rich foods; and limit processed, sugary, and “junk” foods.

  5. Sleep. When you’re rested, you are better able to handle everyday stress.

  6. Build social connections. Connecting with others can help you feel supported and less alone.

  7. Practice positive self-talk. This helps you shift your focus to what’s possible in your life, instead of dwelling on the obstacles in your way.

  8. Make time for reflection. Reviewing your progress and accomplishments will give you firsthand evidence of your strength and determination.

If you’re ready to do something different when it comes to taking charge of your health & fitness, we can help.

Book your complimentary wellness consultation so we figure out the best plan for you to work towards and achieve your goals.

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