5 Ways to Survive Fiesta

San Antonians were born to party and Fiesta is our time to shine!!! For 10 days we indulge in culture, music, carnival games, dancing in the streets, food and alcohol, and more food and more alcohol. Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track with your goals while still being able to enjoy the festivities.


1) Stay hydrated! I mean water y'all, lots and lots of it. Especially if you are attending outdoor events, you want to drink at least one glass of water for every non-water drink you consume.

2) Eat healthy & balanced meals throughout the day. This will help you minimize the damage done by those irresistible Fiesta foods. It will also help stave off drunkenness and nasty hangovers.

3) Dance your butt off!!! If you're going to skip the gym to partake in Fiesta events, find a dance floor and let loose. You'll burn extra calories, reduce stress, and smile.

4) Share your favorite foods or space them out across the different events you attend. Fiesta foods are full of unhealthy calories and add up quickly.

5) If nothing goes as planned or you still end up doing the complete opposite of all of this, you'll be fine.  

Have fun for me at Fiesta y'all!!! Be sure to drink responsibly and designate a sober driver (be sure to download Uber & Lyft apps before you go out, or add a cab company's number to your phone book).

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