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3 Books That Will Get You Fired Up For 2022

Want to know one of my own personal biggest “musts” to stay motivated? Over the years it has never failed me.

It’s making time to READ every single day – something that helps me stay on track, learn something new, or give me a fresh perspective.

For some of y'all “reading” might actually be LISTENING to audiobooks or reading articles online. This is great too :)

Even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes a day, this habit helps keep me moving forward.

If you don’t already read (or listen to) books/podcasts on a regular basis … it’s definitely worth a try to see if it helps you stay inspired and on track with your goals.

Here are 3 of my top motivation/self-dev books to get you started:

1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This is a timeless classic because it focuses on the basic steps you can take to create success in pretty much every area of your life.

This one strips it all back to creating strong values and beliefs that will give you a clear path and strong foundation toward all of your goals.

2. Atomic Habits by James Clear. This one has been on the bestseller list since it came out because it’s packed with practical (and smart!) tips to finally get your healthy habits to stick.

He uses stories and anecdotes to explain exactly how and why you can build a daily routine that works for YOU and your lifestyle.

3. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. This one is a little gem of a book that basically affirms that you already have everything it takes to succeed – you just have to learn how to stop getting in your own way.

She helps highlight her premise with funny stories