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Our 4th Annual School Supply Drive

Our students and teachers have a multitude of things to worry about as they start a new school year in the midst of a pandemic. 

But with your help, we can relieve some of that stress by ensuring they have the necessary supplies to make this school year successful!

So we have created an Amazon wishlist to make donating a simple and safe process for everyone, just select the items you wish to donate and have them shipped directly to us.

If Amazon isn't your thing, there are a couple of other ways you can donate...

1) Purchase supplies on your own & then schedule a drop-off with us.

2) Send a monetary donation via Venmo and we will do a big shop at the end to purchase what's left on the list. [Be sure to put "School Supply Drive" in the memo.]

We are now accepting nominations for the teachers, grade levels, and/or schools, that you want to bless with these supplies. Depending on the number of donations we receive, we may be able to give back to more than one nominee. We are accepting nominations and donations through August 15th.

We understand that some of the Amazon deliveries may come after that time and that is completely okay. We will wait for all of your donations to arrive before we start distributing them.

Thank you so much for giving back to our communities in need during these uncertain times!

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