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Virtual Wellness

We are excited to announce that we are NOW OFFERING Virtual Wellness Sessions!

What is a virtual wellness session?: A virtual wellness session allows you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a personal trainer (i.e. me) from the comfort of your home. Choose between a guided workout, goal setting & planning, nutritional guidance, or a combination of the 3, for your individualized session.

How do I sign up? First, you will need to schedule your complimentary consultation. What will we discuss during the consultation? We will begin by diving deeper into your health & fitness goals, exploring your health & fitness history, and mapping out a timeline for your journey. How long are the sessions? The consultation is 45 minutes long. You can then choose between 25- or 45-minute wellness sessions. How much does it cost? The consultation is complimentary. Wellness sessions are $30 for a 25-minute session and $50 for a 45-minute session. I still have questions, what do I do? No problem, you can email us at OR we can discuss them during your consultation.

Let's continue to #TakeChargeOfYourHealth in spite of the uncertainties COVID-19 is throwing our way. Together we can and will conquer it all!!! 💙💙💙

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