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"Halfway Point" Assessment Inside

A woman writing in a notebook.

So… we’re about halfway through 2024 — can you believe it?


For me, that means it’s time for some big questions…


Questions that help me reflect, refocus, and get excited about the rest of the year.


And I hope they’ll do the same for you.


Here are my questions if you want to follow along with me:

  1. What are you grateful for right now? (I always start my journaling with gratitude to shift my mindset.)


  1. What big goals did you set for 2024 — and how is your progress going?

  2. How balanced is your “Wheel of Life”? Rank yourself 1-10 in the following categories: Health, Spiritual, Work/Career, Family, Financial, Personal Growth/Mindset, and Relationships. What needs more attention?


  1. What’s going well? And what’s not going well? Make sure you journal about “why” for both of these questions.


  1. What do you want most for the next 6 months? We want to get EXCITED about our future and where we’re headed! Do you need to update your goals? What’s going to get you excited and make you feel fulfilled?


  1. What needs to happen to make sure that “what you want most” in the next 6 months comes to life? What do you need to do more of? Less of? Write it all down!


Grab a notebook and spend a few minutes journaling about each question above. 


Chances are, you’ll be surprised at what you uncover… and come away with fresh energy to build on your momentum over the next six months.

Take Charge!

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