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Ditch The Diet & Start Adjusting

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

In a society where we are constantly bombarded by the latest and greatest diets, it’s hard to decide on which ones to try and knowing which ones will work. The short answer, they all work! But only temporarily.

Instead of trying to find some new and innovative way of shedding fat quickly in hopes of reaching your goal by yesterday, start by taking a look at what you’re already doing. Which habits are working for you and which are hindering your progress?

Next, work on adjusting your perspective of weight loss from “Eat Less, Move More” to “Eat Well, Train Hard.” If we continue to view being or becoming healthy as something that places tons of restrictions on our day to day life, of course we’re not going to be motivated to do it or stick with it. But when we start to notice that modifying a few things here and there allows us to reach our goals, we become excited and willing to work at it.

Here are a few simple adjustments you can start making today, that will put you on the right path to creating a healthier lifestyle—providing results indefinitely, NOT temporarily.

- Start your morning with lean protein (i.e. eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage

cheese, protein shake, etc.)

- Eat 1 additional cup of non-starchy vegetables

- Eat 1 additional piece of fruit

- Drink an additional 8 ounces of water

- Add in a 20 minute walk

- Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

- Complete some simple body weight exercises during commercial breaks

- Start an exercise and food journal

- Join our August Workout Challenge, we're only 5 days in so it's not too late!

Pick at least one of these to begin with and build from there. Making these small daily changes will help provide your body with more nutrients, better sleep, hydration, in-creased energy, and lower stress levels, in just a matter of weeks.

Are you ready to ditch the restrictive diet and start adjusting? Schedule your complimentary consultation and let's get started on taking charge of your health today!

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