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Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

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The other day we discussed how stressful the holidays can be – topping that list, for most, is financial stress.

Let me help relieve some of that for you. I have put together a list of budget-friendly holiday gifts that your family and friends will love, that won't break the bank!

(BONUS: You can find most of these gifts at local shops in your area, which means you’ll also be supporting small businesses!)

13 Budget-Friendly Holiday Gifts

1. Coffee or herbal tea sampler, with a vintage cup

2. Cozy socks or warm gloves & a hat

3. A journal with a fun pen

4. A milk frother so they can make their own homemade lattes

5. A bath bomb or handmade soap gift set

6. A copy of your favorite book or one off the best-selling list

7. Make them a playlist on Spotify/Apple Music of y'alls favorite songs

8. A cookbook with healthy recipes

9. An infuser water bottle, so they can add fruits or other flavors to their water

10. Art created by a local artist

11. Inspirational sign

12. Artisan-crafted jewelry

13. Anything made locally or by you

And don’t forget, we have gift certificates – be sure to add us to your own holiday wish list!

Hope this helps make your holiday shopping a whole lot easier.


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