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Valentine's Day Treat

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Eating chocolate or other sweets on Valentine's Day won't completely undo all of your hard work, but it may trigger some cravings.

So before you dive into it ask yourself these questions:

- Do I typically crave sweets?

- Can I stop, if I start?

- Will I be upset with myself afterward?

If you feel that enjoying some treats on this festive day won't set you back mentally or physically, then absolutely enjoy them. But if you feel that it will cause more harm than good, than politely decline or pass them on to someone else. 

There are so many ways to show your love and appreciation for others on this day, why not step back from the traditional gift giving of sweets and junk food, and really get creative. Some of my faves for this holiday are massages, spa treatments, movie tickets, jewelry, or even a good 'ol homemade card. The great thing about these gifts is they can fit anyone's budget.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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