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Too Busy to Exercise?

One of the most common obstacles standing in people's way of exercising is TIME! Or at least that is what has been expressed to me constantly during my consultations, when introducing myself to others as a personal trainer, and from family and friends. 

I get it. With the demands of work, school, families, activities, appointments and everything else that we pile on, it seems like we never have enough time for it all. So the idea of adding exercise into the mix AND more than once a week, is often daunting and even overwhelming. 

However, our health is something to be valued as much as all of these other priorities in our lives...if not more. Without our health we can't accomplish the things we want to, we can't take care of our families the way they need, and we can't enjoy all of the amazing things life has to offer, if we're stuck in a bed or hospital because we let our health take a back seat.

Lucky for us, exercising does not have to monopolize all of our free time or take the place of things we enjoy. Here are a few ways to squeeze it in, while still being able to reap its benefits:

- Schedule it in! Seriously. Put it in your planner, let the people in your life know that this is something you have to make time for.  

- Find a class or type of workout you like. If you enjoy it you're more likely to go, it's guided, and created to help you see results.

- Make it a family affair. Pick a couple of nights during the week that the whole family can get together and be active, instead of watching TV or other forms of screen time.

- Use the time you have. Whether you can only dedicate 15 minutes or an hour, use that time wisely and get up and get moving. 

- Use a personal trainer! They tend to have flexible schedules that allow them to accommodate your needs. Also, they customize programs to get you results faster.

- Make time for it. You might have to wake up a little earlier, squeeze it in during lunch, move around while your kids are at practice, use the baby's nap time, give up some social media perusing, or utilize commercial breaks during your favorite shows.

If you still feel like you just can't fit exercise into your daily or weekly routine, shoot me a message and I will be more than happy to problem solve with you and see how we can make it work.

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