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This Is Draining You More Than You Think...

A pink elephant next to a small kid's table in a room.

What’s standing between you and your health and fitness goals?


It can be like the elephant in the room…


We know it's there, but we ignore it, hoping it'll go away on its own.


But these hurdles drain your energy… resources… and confidence.

And worst yet, they reinforce the old stories we tell ourselves about our ability to change.




A client told me that during the pandemic, she got into the habit of having a glass of wine before dinner — every single night. (Let’s call her Sarah.)


It became a given for her. Once she got home from work, out came the wine bottle.


Because Sarah was trying to lower her blood sugar ... that wine habit became her elephant in the room.


BUT… this isn’t even about the wine.


It’s about ANYTHING that helps you “numb out” from the day… a bowl of ice cream, a couple of hours playing video games, a nighttime TV habit, or doom scrolling on your phone.


At some point those habits were serving you in some way — maybe they provided a temporary comfort, a distraction, or helped you escape stress.


👉 But the fact is that now, they’re an obstacle between you and your goals.


Do YOU have any “numbing out” habits that aren’t serving you any longer?


Pinpointing them is the first step. At T.C. Fitness, we do NOT recommend cutting out every obstacle at the same time.


But if you start by targeting those unhelpful habits one by one, before you know it you’ll gain a huge amount of momentum — and be that much closer to crushing your goals.


AND… bonus! Just acknowledging those “elephants” helps take away their power.


If you need help building that momentum and taking charge of your health, let's chat. Schedule your consultation today and let's get a jump start on your goals for the year!

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