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Strengthen Your Core This February

Did you know that one of the best ways to combat lower back pain is to strengthen your core? Since people spend most of the day sitting at work, on the couch, in the bleachers cheering on their kids, or on their commute to and from work, their core is constantly disengaged preventing it from doing its most important job...supporting the spine.

This month we want to focus on strengthening your core in order to improve your posture, balance & stability, reduce chronic neck & back pain, and prevent injury. Did we mention that you can create this super-strong core from the comfort of your home (or the gym if you would like)?

We will assign you one core exercise to complete (30 minutes or less; no equipment required) anywhere you would like, making it convenient and easy to take charge of your health. We will also have a private Facebook group providing a safe place for all of our participants to encourage one another, ask for help, and get answers to any questions that may arise.

Are you ready to Take Charge of Your Health!?! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: 1) Sign-up (and invite friends to join you) 2) Receive your workout calendar by email no later than January 31st. 3) Join our private Facebook group (optional but highly recommended; link will be sent with calendar) 4) Complete daily workout (at home or in the gym) 5) Have fun, stay motivated, encourage others, and take charge of your health!!!

Important dates: - Registration Open: Now - February 1st

- Challenge Starts: February 1st

- Challenge Ends: February 29th

[Register today! You can also send payment via Venmo to "TCFitness".]

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