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My Nighttime Routine

It’s amazing how one little habit and mindset shift can turn everything around.

I’ve shared a couple of stories recently about my personal experience with morning routines.

I thought it’d be a good idea to talk a little bit about my nighttime routine! Because it plays a huge role in my wellness.

As a trainer, I’m on the go A LOT. Some days are crazy busy, and they also can be pretty physically demanding.

And a lot of the time, I used to come home at night feeling WIPED OUT.

I’m all about keeping it real and transparent, and I thought it was important to share what USED to be my evening routine:

● Open door.

● Throw my bags on the floor.

● Rummage in the fridge for food.

● Nuke it.

● Eat dinner, collapse on the couch.

● Stay on the couch as much as possible till bedtime, occasionally checking my phone.

Super inspiring, right? (I kid – because these are definitely NOT #lifegoals!)

I was tired of having a “meh” night .. and I also wanted some free time on the weekends.

Because I was so unproductive during the week, I ended up spending the weekends doing chores and getting caught up on everything.

So … one night after dinner I decided to spend 15 minutes getting ready for “tomorrow”, even though I didn’t feel like it.

Prep breakfast - check

Lay my clothes out - check

Pack my gym bag - check

Grab some healthy snacks for tomorrow - check

Taking just those few minutes made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my day. HUGE. Plus it made it SO much easier to stick to my morning routine.

Even though I normally eat a pretty clean diet, this took it to the next level and my energy improved a lot.

Over time it was a total gamechanger. I’ve even added a few things since then:

● Journaling

● Mid-day walk

● 30 minutes of reading

For me, with the whole world focused on the ultimate “start your day” routine, it is actually what I do at NIGHT that sets me up for success.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below!

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