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Is Your Morning A Bit Chaotic?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Having a morning and evening routine can set you free from all the chaos!

For you, it could mean the difference between stopping at a fast-food joint on the way to work … and having a freshly blended smoothie because all the ingredients were ready-to-go.

It could mean the difference between dragging your body “through the motions” … and feeling ENERGIZED to take on your day because you did a few minutes of stretching and movement before your shower.

It could mean the difference between waking up in “reaction” mode … and leading the day with intention and purpose.

And it could also mean the difference between falling short on your health and fitness goals … and CRUSHING them.

It took me a while to figure this all out. I used to think routines were restrictive and stressful ... but now I know they are just the opposite.

Routines that set you free:

1) are simple and

2) are tailored to fit YOUR life and goals.

This leads me to a great mini-assignment for you!

→ What are 1 to 3 small things you can do tonight – that take 5 minutes, TOPS – to make tomorrow morning easier (and a little healthier)?

IDEAS: Get your clothes ready, put your workout bag by the door, prep your breakfast and lunch – or maybe help your children (if you have any in the house) do that?

Now … tonight, make it happen!

To really ramp this up and make it a habit, do these things right after you eat dinner. That way they’re done and out of the way, and you can enjoy the rest of the evening.

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