Build Stronger & Leaner Legs at Home

Our nation is going through a difficult time and now more than ever our health is a priority. We hope that you are staying home, practicing social distancing, and are monitoring you and your family's health, so we can help #slowthespread of this virus.

Having to stay at home has both positive and negative effects on our mind, body, and soul, and we want to offer our support the best way we know how - through exercise. One of the best ways to help alleviate stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, improve sleep patterns, and boost energy levels and morale, is through movement. By getting up and moving, our bodies release endorphins which trigger a positive feeling of well-being.

This month for our online challenge we are focusing on strengthening the lower body. We will be working on building stronger hammies, inner and outer thighs, quads, calves and all the little muscles in between.

Each day you will be assigned a mini-workout to complete at home, in 30 minutes or less, and all you need is a chair (weights and a mat are optional). Instructional videos on how to complete the exercises are also provided.

Are you ready to Take Charge of Your Health!?!


How it works:

1) Sign-up (and invite friends to join you)

2) Look out for our email with further instructions; no later than March 31st

3) Join our Private Facebook Group to receive daily workout assignments (REQUIRED; the link will be sent in email)

4) Complete daily workout

5) Have fun, stay motivated, encourage others, and take charge of your health!!!

[You can also send your $20 payment via Venmo to "TCFitness" or GooglePay to Please include your email in the notes section.]

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