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Backpack Snacks

Whether you’re flying, driving, or just scooting the kids off to their activities this summer, be sure to fill your backpack and theirs with these tasty and nutritious snacks.

-- Apples & single serve peanut butter -- Fruits & Vegetables -- Ready-to-go packs of tuna -- Beef jerky (low-sodium) -- Perfect Bars, Oatmega Bars or RX Bars -- Almonds, pistachios, or walnuts (preportion them into little baggies) -- Harvest Snaps (in place of chips) -- Homemade trail mix

(nuts, pretzels, unsweetened dried fruit)

-- Bottled water

-- Liquid water flavor enhancer drops

(choose one without aspartame)

These snacks are also perfect between meals, when you are craving something to munch on or your day runs longer than expected.

If you or your family needs nutritional help beyond the backpack snacks, let's chat and see if we can get you on the right path to healthy eating and living.

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