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Are You Skipping Out On Stretching?

Two women sitting in the grass at a park stretching.

The other day in my social media feed I saw a post that made me laugh out loud.


Because I knew it was TRUE!


Direct quote: “Why do I have SUCH a mental block about stretching after a workout???!! I know that I should…And I always feel better after…but man, I hate to do it.”


And the number of responses made me 🤯… but also, I totally get it.


Let’s see if any of these “skip the stretch” scenarios sound true — and then check out what to do about it if it does!


You skip stretching because…


→ You’re mentally done with your workout, you’re tired, and it’s time to go home (or work, or wherever).


What to do about it: Level up the way you think about it. Think about it like it’s your body’s victory lap, a way to celebrate and seal in the gains from your hard work!


→ It’s boring.

What to do about it: Change it up! Try a short yoga routine or find a podcast to listen to while you’re stretching.


→ It hurts.

What to do about it: Supertight muscles can be painful, plus pain may be a sign of injuries. Stretching shouldn’t hurt. Only go to the point of gentle tension, and if it doesn’t get better, get it checked out.


→ The payoff seems low for the amount of time it takes.

What to do about it: Use a foam roll or massage gun.


And if you DO end up skipping it (gasp)...


Set aside 10 minutes later that day to stretch out all your major muscles.


Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds. It’ll help you improve your flexibility and mobility.


You can even do it while you watch TV. It’ll feel great, may help you sleep better, and your body will thank you later.


It doesn’t have to be complicated…


It just has to be consistent!




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